Hunters Beach Group A&V Class

Mission Statement

We limit our small group workshops to a maximum of 6 or sometimes 8 participants - even when we team up with another instructor - to make sure everyone receives a quality experience with a tight-knit group of enthusiastic photographers.

Very few people have invested the time to truly master the art of photographing the night sky. It takes passion, effort, energy and motivation to go beyond the basics of understanding a camera to truly knowing what your camera sensor is capable of capturing in the dark. Getting the most out of your camera gear and being able to calmly troubleshoot during challenging conditions at night is an art form in and of itself, where practical experience and empirical knowledge come only with time and patience. Mike Taylor has spent countless hours photographing the night sky and he thoroughly enjoys teaching others everything he knows about landscape astrophotography and the processing techniques required to create extraordinary night sky images.

Mike will teach you the essential tips, tricks, light-painting techniques and composition ideas that will take your stargazing photography to the next level, all provided in a casual manner with a humble sense of humor. He also teaches advanced night photography skills including time lapse, star trails, panoramas, and exposure blending techniques for intermediate to advanced astrophotographers.

These small group night photography workshops are designed to be technically informative, casual and most of all fun. Mike's goal in teaching these courses is to share everything he knows about shooting the night sky so that you can capture images that feature the Milky Way, stars and constellations, cloud formations, meteors, etc. while also incorporating important landscape elements. Although we cannot promise that you’ll get to see the Northern Lights (although there’s always that chance!), we can guarantee you that the in the field instruction, assistance and technical expertise that you will learn are the elements of night photography that you will retain and take with you on your next adventure.

We've all heard disconcerting stories of photography workshop leaders who lead 10-15 people out to a shooting location only to disappear shortly thereafter to go take their own shots. These workshops are not that kind of event. Anyone who has worked with Mike knows his teaching style - he is there to help YOU capture stunning shots by chasing the best light during the day and the darkest areas at night. He rarely sets up his own camera gear during a workshop and certainly only after he's sure everyone is comfortable shooting.

Many clients have asked Mike to shoot with them during a workshop because they find it beneficial to see how he sets up his gear & approaches a scene - and in those cases he is happy to oblige. And most clients love seeing the Behind The Scenes (BTS) shots that Mike takes of folks while they are working under the stars or otherwise great lighting.

If you have any hesitation about signing up for one of these workshops, check out our Testimonials page where clients have shared their experiences.

If you prefer Private 1-on-1 Instruction we can do that as well - simply contact us for rates and schedules. Although we are based in Maine, Mike is more than happy to accommodate anyone who wants instruction in the US or anywhere else provided our schedules coincide and his travel and lodging expenses will be covered.

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