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Workshop Testimonials

Clients share their thoughts regarding Taylor Photography Night Sky and Processing Workshops - BIG thanks to all the folks who have taken the time to write down their experiences!

"The 2021 Acadia Fall Foliage Workshop was a pleasure, and one of the most enjoyable workshops that I have attended. Mike and Martin work well together, and make sure that we arrived at the best locations at the best time. I look forward to future workshops, and highly recommend that anyone looking to improve on their photography, or just to have some fun, should attend." - Jay from Rio Grande, NJ

"Thanks Mike & Sonia! I had an awesome time in Acadia during the 2021 Fall Foliage Workshop. Thank you both for working so diligently to get us to great shooting locations, despite less-than-ideal weather conditions at times. Thanks for keeping everything organized Sonia, and Mike, thanks for getting up early to help us beat the other photo groups  to those great morning locations. I know that staying up late for astrophotography is much more in your wheelhouse than getting up early for sunrise photography! I certainly recognize that extra effort." - Mark from Richmond, VA

"Thank you Mike and Sonia for all the special attention you gave me on the Coastal Maine workshop. I had a blast! Your attention to detail was amazing, and the advice you offered will help me as I continue to perfect my skills as a landscape photographer. I came to this workshop with many years of shooting experience, but I was looking to learning new tips and gaining new skills that would help elevate my photography to the next level. Thanks to you I walked away with a lot of good knowledge and a new appreciation of my work--plus over 3,000 images to proof! More than that, however, I feel I gained two new friends who I will continue to stay in contact with and learn from. You haven't seen the last of me, Mike! I look forward to attending future workshops you and Sonia host, and I know you will provide a solid program that will benefit my photography--along with some great stories and laughs. Thank you again for an awesome time in Maine."  - Scott from Rochester, NY

"I can't thank you enough for a wonderful first photography workshop! I had a fantastic time, the locations were fabulous and the amount of research and planning that you put into the workshop really showed. I appreciate all you did to make this trip enjoyable and the knowledge that you shared. I came away with wonderful photos but more importantly wonderful friendships!"  - Debra from Reston, VA

"What I really liked most about the workshop: Small group with full attention by Mike & Sonia. Low-key, flexible Individual attention in field. Safety conscious & helpful - Mike & Sonia are there to help/serve - went out of their way to make sure we had everything we needed. Mike's mastery of LR is really helpful & Mike's mastery of night sky photography - learned lots."  - Mike from Exeter, NH

“Just finished the Shiprock & Valley of Dreams workshop with Mike. I’d never done any night photography before so this was all new to me. Mike not only knew the outstanding locations intimately, he was able to take me step by step through photographic techniques and processing in a way that even a newbie could understand. He was infinitely patient, a master of his craft, and just fun to be with. He motivated me to do more and I’m sure I’ll be back for another course."  - Stephen from Chicago, IL

"Hi Mike & Sonia! We had a great time chasing the Milky Way with you guys in Utah. It's not often that we get to off-road in the darkness to find those unique shots. :) Thank you for the guidance and suggestions and all those helpful processing tips. We look forward to our next adventure with you on location and in the classroom. Take care and hope to see you again next year. Thanks!"  - Julie & Micah from Austin, TX

"It is no exaggeration to say that participating in a workshop with Mike is a transformational experience, both personally and photographically. Mike's connection with the night sky is both deep and emotional. He shares his photographic philosophy openly and provides insights that most would be unwilling to share. Most importantly, Mike will push you to go deeper into your practice, and create a better connection with the stars. I joined Mikes Acadia workshop hoping to broaden my photographic capabilities with Astrophotography, and can say with confidence that I achieved that goal. Spending a week with Mike and a wonderful group of colleagues, has taught me much more than improving my photography skills. After this week, I no longer consider that making a beautiful photograph or portfolio should be my main goal when I am out with my camera. Rather, I am conscious that photographs should always be the result of much more rewarding activities like looking differently at the world, and, more significantly, establishing deeper connections with your subject."  - Robert from Brooklyn, NY

"I have friends who have photographed in the Valley of the Gods in Utah and I’ve always wanted to go. So I signed up to be part of a workshop led by master night photographer Mike Taylor from Maine. He scouts some of the best locations and then provides exquisite technical direction so everybody comes away with a terrific shot. He’s also a very nice guy which makes traveling with him to remote locations at night extremely fun."  - Diana from NYC, NY 

"Hi Mike I wanted to thank you so much for my first Lightroom class. The class helped me to use some of the tools I needed to improve my work flow before using Photoshop. I liked the example photos that you used - they allowed me to easily see how each tool could work to improve the shot. The other class participants were also very helpful and friendly. I only wish the class was a 3rd day in order to spend that day just working on photos with you still there. I recommend the Digital Darkroom course for anyone who needs to know Lightroom to improve their editing. Hopefully I will meet you again at a photo workshop. Cheers." - Cathy from Flushing, NY

"I just took the Night Sky Maine – Moosehead Lake Photography Workshop with Mike Taylor. It was excellent. Mike and his new wife Sonia were gracious hosts. The workshop opened up a whole new world of photography for me. The processing part of the workshop was particularly enlightening due to Mike’s excellent teaching and his patience. I look forward to doing it again." - Andrew from Portland, ME

“When you sign up for a night photography workshop, you want to be certain the instructor is technically knowledgeable, safety conscious, patient and friendly. Mike Taylor excels in all these areas. He knows how to teach you to capture intriguing night images and how to have a lot of fun in the process, without getting hurt. Mike didn’t overestimate my knowledge and experience, or underestimate my intelligence. His teaching style is relaxed and very supportive, and he answered all my pesky questions in detail without ever becoming annoyed. Perhaps best of all, Mike is a genuinely nice guy who is committed to your total photography workshop satisfaction. He gets my highest recommendation.” - Peter from Brewster, MA

"A workshop is only as good as the instructor. All the websites about night photography workshops feature stunning images to demonstrate that the photographer can do, but the real question is can they teach? Mike was very generous with his knowledge and knew how to explain both the how’s and the why’s of technique and composition. He patiently worked with the folks who were new to the game, while ensuring that the more advanced ones were going to the next level. In the field, he and Sonia were constantly making the rounds to help out and make sure everyone was enjoying themselves. I couldn’t have been more pleased and will do another workshop with them in a heartbeat."  - Denny from Columbia, MO

"Mike and Sonia - the workshop at Sandy Point Beach was fabulous! Mike shares his knowledge and expertise easily, answers any questions related to night photography and post processing. We had a very successful night and my photos of achieving Milky Way photos were way beyond expectations. I cannot wait until I can attend another of Mike's workshops!!! Thank you!" - Sam and Jean Ann from Roanoke, VA

"Had a great night at Pemaquid lighthouse shooting the Milky Way with Mike & Sonia. Its a great location to shoot with nice dark skies. I like the fact that you have small groups so that everyone gets the attention they need. I am truly inspired by your knowledge and your work. Hoping for that one EPIC photo some day. Looking forward to the next workshop. Great job to you both."  - Linda from Derry, NH

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"Mike Taylor is without a doubt one of the finest photographic instructors with whom I have worked. For the past 25 years I have had numerous workshops, and while they are all taught by mostly well-qualified photographers, few have the passion and technical expertise that Mike possesses. Meeting an instructor with Mike's in-depth knowledge coupled with a love of conveying this knowledge, it will leave you saying "why did I wait so long?" Living in the western U.S. and shooting Colorado/Utah landscapes for many years, I came to Mike with knowledge of my camera and lenses, but with Mike's help, I left with a new understanding of night photography and additional techniques that add a new weapon to my photographic arsenal. Working one-on-one with Mike is not only technically rewarding, with well-written handouts, his instructional personality is just plain fun. If you are looking to learn night photography, I cannot endorse Mike Taylor strongly enough. If you can book a workshop with Mike, you will not be sorry!"  - Bob from Denver, CO

“A photo seminar with Mike and Sonia is an unparalleled creative learning experience. Mike's sole goal is to focus on improving YOU! If you are a beginner or advanced he will teach to your individual level. Your astrophotography skills will be enhanced along with your Lightroom and Photoshop processing workflow. The learning environment is creative, fun, lively and intense. I am a repeat customer and will be back for another session.” - Joe from Seattle, WA

"Mike's workshop was professional, complete and exceeds expectations. The experience of learning new techniques, discussing photography goals is unique and valuable. These workshops are for beginners, amateurs, enthusiasts and pros. Mike is very knowledgeable and carries a wealth of photo experience. I enjoyed meeting everyone that participated. I'm looking forward to future workshops. The experience is impeccable and has taken my photography to dizzying heights."  - George from Bristol, RI

"I attended a Mike Taylor workshop at Marshall Point Lighthouse in September 2015. The experience has taken my Milky Way photography to the next level. Mike provided me with a thorough knowledge of night sky photography. I not only came away from the workshop with some amazing images but with a working knowledge, that has allowed me to feel confidant in my ability to photograph the night sky & Milky Way. I consider myself fortunate to have met Mike and Sonia and now consider them both good friends."  - Don from Birmingham, AL

“I want to personally thank Mike and Sonia for an excellent private workshop experience that surpassed expectations and was outright fun. Mike is a talented and a gifted photographer and working with him was totally worthwhile. He is patient, open and willing to share secrets to his craft along with in-depth technical insights and advanced concepts. He is also very knowledgeable with astrophotography, astronomy and the night sky. He is witty, inventive and will ask you to allow yourself to be filled with wonder. Mike was extremely accommodating in planning our workshop which nicely coincided with the Perseids meteor shower. Having amateur, professional and some previous night photography experience, Mike’s instructions and tips truly expanded my abilities and was immediately evident during our post processing part of the workshop. His advanced techniques and post processing instruction was equally valuable and I have already begun incorporating his methods into my workflow for efficiency and increased creativity. We met up at Marshall Point Light Head and also in Acadia to capture dark sky Milky Way shots along with some bright Perseids and even some totally unexpected Aurora! If you are looking for a night sky and astrophotography workshop to boost your skill level and techniques, I would not hesitate to contact and schedule a workshop with Mike Taylor Photography today!” - Kevin from Mount Airy, MD

"I highly recommend setting up a one on one workshop with Mike Taylor. He is extremely talented, very patient and adjusts his teaching style based on the experience of the student. Mike and I met prior to the on-site location and discussed the important settings of the camera. He gave me some excellent tips and tricks to make the night time shooting experience fun and much less frustrating than it would have been on my own. Once on-site, we actually took time to review the night sky, locate constellations and he described what to expect when shooting at a particular location in the sky. My first photo taken was 100 times better than any other shot I had attempted prior to his instruction. I never felt rushed. He took the time to work with me; relocate to different viewing areas and never made me worry about leaving. The time flew by! I truly have taken my skills to a new level directly because of this workshop. I know I have a trusted future advisor when I come across challenges with night time photography! Thank you Mike!"  - Sandy from North Baldwin, Maine

"My passion for photography started out as just a hobby. It wasn't until I moved to New York that my interest became serious and I started to get into night photography. But what I really wanted to shoot it was impossible to find in the city: the Milky Way. When I discovered that one of my favorite photographers, Mike Taylor, was hosting a workshop in Moab, Utah, it was the perfect hook. I’ve never taken photography classes before, so I didn’t know what to expect. Mike was an amazing instructor! He covered all the aspects of night photography from planning to camera settings, post production and even SEO tips. One of the greatest advantages of a group workshop is that you get so many points of view. Even though we were all in the same location, each of us chose different positions, angles and foreground objects and created entirely unique photos. It helped to open my mind and my eyes. The whole experience in Utah was simply amazing. I learned so much from Mike and the group and I'm happy to have finally captured the Milky Way. I will definitely return next year!"  - Alessandro from NYC, New York

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"I recently did a workshop with Mike and Sonia in May at Arches National Park, UT. It was one of the best experiences of my life. I learned so much during the night shoot and during the processing. Mike is very patient and gives everyone his time and knowledge. He makes sure you walk away knowing exactly how to take amazing pictures and then how to process them. I have also taken his Skype processing session. My Photoshop skills were weak but they are now so much better. I have taken several workshops and processing lessons from others in the past. This was by far the best one. I highly recommend any of Mike's workshops, you will not be disappointed!"  - Leigh from Phoenix, AZ

"I had a terrific experience in the Night Sky Utah workshop in early May. Mike is a great guy and world-class photographer but, more importantly, he is all about teaching and sharing his knowledge with inexperienced photographers like myself. I learned a ton as we covered a wide range of subjects in the field and during our classroom sessions - the hours seemed to fly by in both places. Mike used his own camera just once in three days, instead spending time with each of us while in the field, checking our settings, compositions, and problem-solving as needed. I also greatly appreciate that Mike was willing to schedule additional processing instruction with me at a later date, since I had to leave the workshop a half day early. I highly recommend taking a workshop with Taylor Photography and look forward to participating in future workshops as well.” - Paul from Seattle, WA

"The first thing that strikes me when working with Mike is that he absolutely oozes, breathes and LOVES all aspects of photography. In signing up for some online, screen sharing processing sessions with Mike, I wondered if I would at all able to follow along and grasp, a man of his caliber, when it comes to processing Astro images. Mike catered perfectly to my limited knowledge of both Lightroom and Photoshop. He also recorded the session, so I now have in my arsenal a very detailed process of how Mike achieves his mastery in nightscape photography. The sessions are not limited to processing either, I gained much knowledge about lighting, camera settings, shooting panoramics, and what I feel is most beneficial, are Mike's secrets to getting the most out of social media. A better mentor, you will not find." - Ben from Kununurra, Western Australia 

"I recently attended a Mike Taylor Photography night workshop of the Nubble Lighthouse in April 2016. This was the most amazing experience I could have ever imagined! From the meet and greet, to setting up our equipment and throughout the night Mike is a true professional, step by step Mike is there for you and his knowledge is the best in class, I highly recommend his workshop and will definitely be attending another. Thank You Mike Taylor." - Bob from Lewiston, Maine

"The sheer volume of useful information disseminated during this workshop was worth the investment alone. Add to that the shooting sessions and wondrous scenery of the night sky including the milky way, moon, and constellations (that I had heard of but never known where to look for them) and it was an awesome trip. Mike is a true gentleman (and jokester!) who willingly shares all his knowledge from shooting tips to editing to useful photo apps and software to navigating the night sky. Sonia is a friendly and helpful "fixer" who quietly expedites all aspects of the workshop from reserving hotel conference rooms to distributing drinks during a shoot to just helping everything run smoothly. Highly recommended!"  - Audrey from Long Island, NY

"I could tell my friends thought I was crazy. Going 5000 miles from my home in London to do a night sky workshop in Utah with a guy I only knew about through the internet. Yet it paid off big time! I got to see and photograph the Milky Way for the first time in the magnificent surrounding of Arches National Park. Mike took so much time to make sure everybody in the group got the best possible pictures. I’ve been on a few workshops where the leader seems only interested in taking their own shots. Mike is completely different and could not have been more patient and helpful. His dedication also comes through in the classroom sessions where he willingly shared so much information about how to process our images. A big thank you also to Sonia who is a reassuring presence on the field trips–so helpful when you’re not used to wandering around in the pitch black. What I got from the trip is priceless, the knowledge and confidence to go out and start shooting the night skies here in the UK."  - Catherine from London, UK - our first international client!

"Thanks Mike and Sonia. I've done quite a few workshops and have rarely come away with as many surprisingly beautiful and magical images as I did in Moab. I would do it again - and will definitely follow your schedule. Best to both of you and thanks for a fun workshop."  - Cheryl from Austin, TX

"Mike is very energetic and goes out of his way to find great locations to photograph. Really enjoyed the course and came away with some amazing shots. Definitely worth attending this course as he is a fantastic teacher."  - David from Reno, NV

"I participated in Mike’s Marshall Point Lighthouse session. Mike’s passionate about his work and brings a high level of enthusiasm and excitement to the session. Before our session at dinner, Mike reviewed the evening’s activities and presented many ideas to use while photographing the Milky Way. Once the group gathered at the lighthouse Mike patiently assisted the group setting up camera equipment, helping with forgotten settings on a variety of cameras. Also, he helped each student verify the infinity setting on our camera lens ensuring proper focus. Yes, a critical step. My best recommendation, I plan on attending future sessions with Mike because I know I’ll improve my photography skills."  - Rich from Lowell, MA

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"I want to thank Mike Taylor for the excellent workshop and instruction in night photography and shooting the Milky Way at Marshall Point Lighthouse. We all felt comfortable and welcome to ask questions and he is a very patient teacher. He makes you feel like you can accomplish getting the shots you are looking for and helps you achieve your goals. Mike is so supportive and will help those who do not normally get outside feel comfortable with hiking on rocks and positioning you to get the best angle and a great shot. I will recommend Mike to anyone for night photography and hope to work with him again in the future. It was an experience I will not forget!"  - Terri from Harpers Ferry, WV

“I attended the May  Night Sky Utah Workshop and learned a great deal in both the field and classroom. Shooting under the starlit sky of Arches National Park was a lot of fun. Mike devoted all his field time to the group constantly checking composition, positioning light panels and teaching night photography exposure techniques. In the classroom his extensive knowledge of both Lightroom and Photoshop make post processing interesting and enjoyable. Mike is an excellent instructor with many years of experience. I am looking forward to taking another one of his workshops next year.” - Maureen from Germantown, MD

"This is an awesome workshop. From the very beginning, it was very well organized. Mike had handouts for everyone, so we had the main points in writing to reference later. He gave a little talk about the settings, the timing for the night sky, the best spots to be. When we got to the lighthouse, he spent time with each participant and their camera, helping them adjust everything just right. Everyone was divided into smaller groups and assigned each a spot, then rotated people around. This meant we weren't stepping all over each other and, as an extra bonus, got a chance to get to know each other better. Mike himself didn't shoot all night and was completely dedicated to helping the workshop folks get their best shots. I learned many great tips about my own camera & night photography and came away with some great shots I never could have gotten on my own. I'll definitely be back again!"  - Amy from Auburn, ME

"I want to thank Mike Taylor Photography for a fantastic 2 day private workshop in Acadia National Park and at Marshall Point Lighthouse. If anyone wants to learn how to take night images, I recommend checking out Mike's website and signing up for any workshops he has. He is one of the best astrophotographers around and very knowledgeable about everything with respect to the night sky, and besides that is a great guy."  - Stephen from Glastonbury, CT

"Major thanks to Mike Taylor for providing phenomenal training in his Night Sky Photography course. I learned more about my camera and settings in a single evening than I have in the last two years I've owned my camera!"  - Will from Berwick, ME

"I have been on a number of photography workshops. By far, Mike spent the most time with each of us and gave us one on one instructions that exceeded my expectations. I am excited about the amount of information I took in and am using to improve my photography. I would definitely recommend any of Mike's workshops and look forward to taking another one."  - Dave from Manahawkin, NJ

"Mike, thank you so much for the guidance - we loved the workshop, would definitely do this again in a heartbeat! The instruction was great and the attention given to each attendant also excellent! Mike is very talented and it was a pleasure to learn from him. Highly recommend any workshop Mike is involved in and especially the night sky lighthouse ones!"  - Maria & Erin from Litchfield, NH

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"Mike Taylor is simply amazing and talented. Without his help I could never have done this. His workshop was so informative and fun. I have never learned so much about photography in just one night. I had never done this type of photography before and I have always loved night time ... now I'm hooked! Mike, thank you for the perfect evening. I can't wait to try this again."  - Anna from Quincy, MA

"I took a Milky Way workshop with Mike at the end of June 2014. Mike has a lot of knowledge and experience, and is both able to teach and to make it fun. The group was small, so we all got lots of individual time and attention from him. The site he chose for us, Unity Pond, offered both reflections of the Milky Way, and abandoned railroad tracks through a marshy area. The chorus of frogs on both sides of the tracks, with the Milky Way overhead, was truly magical. Mike was also very flexible about dates and opportunities for us to shoot, when bad weather threatened the original workshop a friend and I had signed up for. I highly recommend him to anyone wanting to learn astrophotography."  - Elizabeth  from Marshfield, MA

"Mike was instrumental in my signing up for this opportunity. I was hoping to learn as much as I could ... and boy, did I get my money's worth. The mentoring I received from Mike Taylor Photography in so many areas was beyond my expectations. What a wealth of knowledge from one of the most genuine and generous people on this earth."  - Chicky from San Antonio, TX

"I just came back from a weekend Night Sky Workshop up in Maine with Mike Taylor of Taylor Photography and if you are looking to learn how to take pictures of the night sky and the Milky Way he is the way to go. Mike has great knowledge of the stars, star movement, how to create a good composition and easily and effectively shares that. There are photo tour leaders that spend as much time behind their camera as working with the participants, but Mike barely used his camera, except to illustrate the principles he was showing us. If you are looking for a great workshop with individual attention and want to go home with stunning images of the night sky Mike is the person to lead you on that journey."   - Hali from Providence, RI

"I had the pleasure of attending Mike Taylor's Workshop at Marshall Point Lighthouse, Maine. What an incredible learning opportunity to grow and become more as a photographer. Mike has a passion for photography, the night sky and a desire to share his knowledge. This workshop was great!"   - Heather from Ottawa, ON

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