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Taylor Photography's landscape astrophotography and scenic/nature images & articles have been featured on NASA's Astronomy Picture Of The Day, Huffington Post, UNILAD, Outdoor Photography Magazine, The Weather Channel, Washington Post newspaper, Down East magazine, NBC News, Viral Nova,,, Yahoo! News,,, International Dark-Sky Association,,, and multiple other science websites and social media pages.

"All Aglow / Light in the Darkness" article in Down East Magazine - December 2016:

Down East

Moosehead Aurora Video on UNILAD's Facebook Page - October 2016:


Aurora Watch Tonight in the Washington Post - October 2016:

Washington Post

Crazy Airglow in Acadia - September 2016:


Night image on the front page of - August 2016:


Milky Way Beacon: Maine Lighthouse Shines Toward Milky Way Core - June 2016:

Northern Lights Reflections In Maine - March 2016:


Moosehead Lake Northern Lights Time Lapse Video - June 2015:


WCSH6 TV Portland Maine

Bangor Daily News

Maine Memes

Nightscape Cover Shot - April 2015:

International Dark Sky Association

"Look up! International Dark-Sky Week" article:

Northern Lights - Camera Images vs. Your Eyes article:

Huffington Post

"The Northern Lights Explained" article:


"Fireball Reflections" feature including Before & After and processing info:

Yahoo! News

Expert Voices on


"Noctambulism" Photo of the Day feature:

Outdoor Photographer

Easy Inspiration Project - Photographing a Chevy Tahoe at Night:

Easy Inspiration Project

Outdoor Photography UK Cover Shot - December 2014:

Outdoor Photography Cover

"Utah's Stunning Night Sky" feature: 

Expert Voices on

"Maine's Magnificent Dark Skies" feature:

Expert Voices on

"Astrophoto: I Need Warp Speed In 3 Minutes" feature:

Universe Today

"Add Landscape to Milky Way Pictures For Breathtaking Stellar Photography" feature:

"To Capture the Milky Way, Capture the Landscape" feature: 

Yahoo! News

Expert Voices on

"Night As You've Never Seen It Before" feature:

"Nature & Man: What Is An Iridium Flare?" feature:

Universe Today



NASA Astronomy Picture Of The Day - May 9, 2014:


“25 Amazing Shots of The Night Sky" feature on The Weather Channel:

The Weather Channel

"Q & A With Astrophotographer Mike Taylor" feature on Gura Gear:

Gura Gear

"Milky Way Arcs Over Earthly Rock Arch in Spectacular Photo" feature:

Yahoo! News

"Travelling Across the Universe with Astrophotographer Mike Taylor" feature on Digital Trends:

Digital Trends

"Photographer Inspires People to Follow Their Dreams & Passions" article on Viral Nova:

Viral Nova

Northern Lights photo feature:

NBC News

Discovery News

Yahoo! News

"Aurora At Moonlight" feature on

Expert Voices on

"Colors of an Enchanted Night" feature on Stellar Eyes:

Stellar Eyes

"Dazzling Meteor Streaks Over Maine Lighthouse" feature:

Yahoo! News

"Milky Way Galaxy Meets Photographer" feature on Yahoo! News:

"Star Trails and Milky Way Shine over Lighthouse" feature on Yahoo! News:

“What Do The Northern Lights Actually Look Like?”  Opinion/Editorial article:


Into The Night Photography Blog

"Why I Shoot At Night" article on New England Photography Guild:

New England Photography Guild

"Maine's Night Sky, Brightly" feature on Bangor Daily News:

Bangor Daily News

"Light Pollution: The Thief of the Night" feature on Stellar Eyes:

"Stars and Forests – Incredible Astrophotography by Mike Taylor" feature on Photography Blogger:

Photography Blogger

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